Book Cover - Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life

Growing up, Kyle Strobel knew all the "right" answers. The Christianity he experienced in the church was reduced to theological precepts and moral codes. He tried typical spiritual growth formulas but faith remained stagnant, even stale. Sound familiar?

We all need a renewed vision. We need real Metamorpha.

The ancient Greek word for "transformation," Metamorpha, is the term Strobel uses for an intimate journey of spiritual formation through interaction with the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and community. Balanced between emerging and traditional thinking, Metamorpha,
  • questions preconceived beliefs and pursues truth
  • seeks to understand the depth of Scripture
  • fosters an intimate love relationship with God
  • sees the Holy Spirit as a vital agent of change
  • values authentic, transparent community
  • is not a destination, but a journey
Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life calls people to a life of renewal, discovery and a beautiful dependence upon a God who became man and dwelt among us. Metamorpha offers an invitation to a journey beyond the black and white mediocrity of religiosity to a life of belief formation at the foot of the Master.

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